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Welcome to our blog, most people don't think too much about confetti ever in their lives until their wedding day. It’s one of those things your mum used to sprinkle around your birthday cake or on the buffet table when they were throwing a party. You know the sort where your auntie - who is usually tea total decides to have a glass or two of fizz and ... well we all know where that ends!


The thing is, once you have been drawn into the world of Wedding Confetti you may find yourself needing it for all your celebrations. You can’t help but smile when presented with pretty natural petals or when circles of paper are produced to scatter or throw. I mean petals make pretty table decoration for a birthday, in fact, why do we only throw confetti at Weddings?! Surely Birthdays should share the same HOORAY! especially the big ones and don’t get me started on anniversaries, baby announcements and gender reveals.


You see where I am going here right!?


Our blog will be your go to for inspiration, the great thing about all our products is that you know you are buying something that will make people smile and being eco-conscious at the same time. It’s a win win.


We would love to see how you have used any of our products, submit your celebration, craft projects or home style images to us and you could be featured on our blog and social media channels.

 Remember you can order your confetti up to 12 months in advance in our Black Friday Sale - YAY! for being organized and saving on the wedding budget!

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