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Confetti Cannons & Flingers

Confetti Cannons and Flingers are the Ultimate in Confetti Throwing. 


To get the best effect from a Confetti Cannon, you are best using them indoors for your but they can equally be used outside on a calm sunny day. Our Cannons are Co2 powered and are to be used by adults only. Confetti Cannons really do add a sense of occasion to any celebration. Our Confetti Cannons are filled to order with your choice of confetti from any of our ranges. As our Cannons are all pre-filed and ready to go it is super easy to have your big hooray with little effort. Whether they are for your First Dance at your Wedding, Gender Reveal, Graduation, New Year Celebration or for a Birthday Bang, our Confetti Cannons are Guilt Free and absolutely amazing!


Confetti Flingers are a safer alternative to a Confetti Cannon, waive in the air and your confetti will fling out of the tube and tumble down on the newlyweds. Confetti Flingers are made from re-cycled plastic and can also be placed in your recycling bin to go on to be recycled again. Confetti Flingers do not contain any propellant and therefore they are perfect for children to use.

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