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Confetti Cones

Confetti cones give you the perfect amount of confetti for an epic confetti shot. 1 Litre of Confetti will fill 10-12 of our cones. Choose from a stunning hand rolled open cone that can be displayed in a tray or basket or a lidded pyramid cone, which can be left on the seat of your guest.

Confetti Cones have been used to throw confetti for many years, they hold a very generous amount of confetti and fit in your hand beautifully. There are pro's and con's to both open and closed cones. 

Open cones :-

Look super pretty in a basket or cone holder, they arrive already assembled. As they are not lidded you can see the petals immediately and they really do look amazing in photographs, open cones hold around 100 mls of confetti which is double the quantity we use in our packets so if you are a more is more kind of couple then this seems like a great option for you. We don't advise open cones be filled in advance, we have heard so many stories of upturned cones in the back of the car the day before the wedding and it is just not worth the additional stress, we would recommend you fill on the day in place, another thing to consider if buying confetti cones is that you will need a cone holder or basket to display them in, this can add to your budget - all those little extras can creep up!

Closed Cones :-

Are available in several designs. They need to be assembled - no glue required, just fold and click. The Lidded cones hold around 80mls of confetti, 1 litre will fill 12 of these cones. Lidded cones can be filled weeks in advance as long as they are kept in a sealed box, which means you can tick confetti off your list weeks before your big day. Lidded cones are designed to be able to place on the seats of your guests which means no additional holders or baskets are needed unless of course you want them.


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