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Dried Wedding Flowers

    It is difficult to visualise a wedding without any flowers at all, they add a touch of luxury and drama to your day and feature in so many of your images .... but what happens to all your beautiful flowers after your big day?


    So many couples are now choosing Dried Flowers for their Wedding Day and we can certainly see why they are such a huge Wedding trend. 

    Dried Flower Arrangements and bouquets, like artificial, can be stored for many months before your wedding meaning that you can be fully prepared for your wedding in advance. After the big day you can use your dried flowers as an arrangement in your home.

    Here you will find bespoke, handmade wedding flowers created for you in our Lancashire studio. We love using Dried, preserved and Freeze Dried flowers, grasses and greenery to give you a bouquet unlike anything you have ever seen before.

    If you would like to create your own dried wedding flower arrangements, buttonholes etc take a look at our Crafts / DIY section .

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