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Flower Preservation

Now you can preserve your wedding bouquet and use them in your home and crafts for years to come.


It is like Christmas every fortnight when we get to open our Freeze Drier "Polly" and see all the perfectly preserved flowers that she has created.

Our Lyo Flower Preservation service can be arranged by the bride or groom themselves or alternatively can be arranged as a beautifully sentimental gift.

Please email or call for availability prior to adding this service to your basket.

All our preserved flowers undergo a specialist freeze drying process or are dried using specialist processes, depending on the flower.


You are purchasing the service of freeze drying. Framing or design is an add on service and can be purchased separately, please email for details.

We are unable to send frames via post so you will need to be available to collect from our Blackpool studio. We can send dried flowers by post but to avoid any issues, they are better collected.


You may prefer to order this as a standalone service and create something beautifully sentimental yourself. We have lots of DIY inspiration over on our Pinterest Board

Ideally we need to receive your flowers within a few days of your event, remember your flowers are in full bloom so the sooner we receive them, the better the end result will be.

If you would like to chat with us about your flowers please do give us a call or drop us an email, some flowers will freeze dry better than others.

Freeze-Drying / preserving ensures that your flowers retain much more of their natural colour and size that air drying or drying in gels. During the drying process the moisture will be removed from your flowers without destroying the cells themselves. It is possible that there are slight colour changes in your flowers and greenery during this process. 

Freeze dried flowers will last for many years to come, as this process is only around 20 years old it is too soon to be able to say they will last forever.

Environmental factors will affect how long your flowers will last overall, if you arrange for your flowers to be displayed away from heat, moisture and sunlight you will see best results.

Alternatively if you you were a DIY bride and are going to miss your Wedmin, why not try our Flower Drying Crystals. The results are fantastic. Why not join our Flower Preservation Group for help in achieving the best results.


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