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Can I order Confetti in Advance ?

Updated: Feb 7

We love an organised couple here at Adamapple and we know how important it is for you to tick items off your "to do list" This is why we offer a delayed delivery service.

To save you having to store your Petal Confetti and run the risk of it degrading, we are able to place your order on delay for you and store your petals for you in our climate controlled stores.

There is only 1 harvest of petals each year so if you have your heart set on a particular confetti, we would advise you to order in advance. Check out our Confetti Bar & Mixed for you range.

Mixed for you | Confetti | Biodegradable Confetti

The Confetti Bar | Biodegradable Confetti | Confetti

Pre-Ordering is not needed with our Paper or Ecofetti® / Snowfetti® unless of course you are running out of storage space.

Confetti Cones | Autumnal Confetti | Confetti

Just simply order your Confetti in the usual way and leave your wedding date in the box provided, we will then create your order and place it into our cool store until around 4 weeks before your wedding or event, another thing ticked off your list! - Keep an eye out for your dispatch email! Hooray!

The great thing about ordering through the delayed delivery service is that even if your confetti goes out of stock after you have ordered your Confetti, you will still receive the confetti you have ordered as it has been set aside for you.

We can store your confetti for up to 12 months free of charge, after this time we do need to make a small charge to cover the costs of storing your order. Remember, you can order in our annual Black Friday Sale and still delay delivery for up to 12 months

Do you want to know how much confetti you need? Check out our most popular blog

Our FAQ's also have so much information

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