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It is most likely that you've come across Adamapple Confetti because you're searching for luxury, biodegradable confetti for your wedding day. Most wedding venues stipulate now that your wedding confetti MUST be earth friendly and biodegradable. The decision to change the rules on throwing none-biodegradable confetti is obviously great for the environment but some brides and grooms are unsure of what to go for, and what is classed as biodegradable confetti.

Adamapple Confetti supply 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, real petal confetti. None of our petals are bleached or dyed or preserved with chemicals - they are just the way nature intended them to be. Natural! So when our petals are thrown over you for your confetti shot, you can feel guilt-free and know that they will biodegrade, just as if they were blossom falling from a tree.

I want to show you today our Featured Confetti of the Month.

Classic 'Cherish' Confetti

'Cherish' is an absolute favourite out of our confetti range. It includes beautiful Sun Dried Ivory Rose and Sun Dried Pink Rose petals. Pink confetti and Ivory confetti have always been staple colours and are fantastic for a Spring Wedding or Summer Wedding. So obviously you can't go wrong with a mix of both! Just look how gorge the colours are together.

Currently our Cherish eco friendly confetti is on offer on our website reduced from £8.99 per Litre* to £7.64 per Litre*. (If you need to know how much wedding confetti you need to buy, please refer to our

blogpost for some helpful tips!)

The real petals in this wedding confetti look absolutely amazing on confetti shot photographs because the colours are great for both light and dark backdrops. Our Classic confetti range use Sun Dried petals which fall fantastically, even on slightly windier days.

Our confetti isn't just for throwing - have you thought about using this pink and ivory confetti as table confetti? Table confetti for weddings is becoming so popular and the real flower petals in this mix make such lovely wedding table decoration ideas. Sprinkle around the tables to easily tie in your wedding colour scheme.

Or what about a flower petal aisle? A floral aisle runner is an absolute show stopper! Scatter these flower petals down your walkway to add something a little extra to your big entrance. (You just know this mix is also great for if you're having a Flower Girl walk down the aisle before you.)

You can buy this confetti by the litre, as mentioned above, or have a look below to see how this mix looks in organza bags, confetti cones, frosted confetti packets and clear, biodegradable confetti packets.

Adamapple Confetti Classic 'Cherish' real rose petal wedding confetti in pink and ivory. Currently on offer at £7.64 per litre* and available in a range of ecofriendly packaging options.


*prices correct as of time of posting.

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