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Confetti for Your Wedding Day!

Traditionally Confetti is a small piece of paper that’s usually thrown or used as decoration at weddings and other celebrations. The result is a colorful burst of confetti that adds a festive touch to any event. Today Natural Flower Petals are the Confetti of choice for most couples and venues.

What Is Confetti?

Confetti is traditionally made from paper but today, many venues and couples prefer to use Natural Petals for theit big confetti moment, it makes your wedding day or celebration extra special. You can buy confetti pre-made in our "Mixed for you" collection or mix your own using The Confetti Bar®.

Where Does Confetti Come From?

In our store you will find, Paper Confetti, Flower Petal Confetti and Ecofetti® / Snowfetti®. All of these are 100% Biogegradable.

Our paper Confetti is made from Biodegradable Tissue Paper, our flower petal confetti is 100% Natural and dye free making is safe for wildlife and the environment. Our Ecofetti & Snowfetti is derived from annually renewable starches and is water soluble.

Why Do We Throw Confetti at Weddings?

It’s no secret that wedding days are filled with excitement and happiness. That’s why we throw confetti at them! In fact, there are several reasons why people choose to do this. First, it’s fun! Second, it’s a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Third, it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Fourth, it’s also a sign of celebration. Finally, it’s just plain silly!, the smiles on the faces of your guests make for the best natural and joyful photo.

The History of Confetti

Confetti has been used as a celebratory item since ancient times. Ancient Romans threw it during religious ceremonies, while medieval Europeans used it to celebrate holidays. Today, it’s still used in celebrations worldwide.

Other Uses for Confetti

In addition to being thrown at weddings, confetti is also used in other ways. It’s often used to decorate wedding cakes, and it’s even used as a decoration for the bride and groom before the ceremony begins. Confetti is more widely used for parties and celebrations of all kinds and confetti cannons are particularly popular with gender reveals and childrens parties, lets not foget New Year.

Check out our FAQ's for more information about our delayed delivery service and our top tips for storing your confetti.

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