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The lovely Esme from Esme Whiteside Photography is a regular visitor to Adamapple HQ. She popped in recently to join us for some fun and fizz at The Confetti Bar. We collaborated on a Live Video on Instagram and Facebook where viewers got their chance to ask Esme some questions on how to get the best out of their all important wedding confetti shot.

Esme is a Wedding Photographer based in sunny St. Annes (near Blackpool!) who covers the whole of the UK and further afield with her Engagement, Wedding and Elopement photography.

Here are some of Esme’s top tips on how to get the best out of your wedding confetti shot.

What is your favourite type of wedding confetti to shoot?

“I really prefer shooting real petal confetti rather than paper confetti. Paper confetti is nice for super colourful shots but personally, I really like real natural petals. I absolutely luuurve the really big ones, like the freeze dried rose petals, which are my absolute favourite. They are great mixed in with smaller petals as they really show up well on photographs because of their size.

Do you have any tips for the newlyweds when they are having confetti thrown at them?

“I’d say, when you’re having a confetti shot it’s best for the newlyweds to walk through towards the photographer and look towards each other. Obviously the confetti is then coming from the sides and you end up getting less confetti straight in your face. It stops you both pulling funny faces because you’re looking at one another instead.”

How many confetti cannons are too many?

“The limit does not exist. You can never have too much confetti. Confetti all day! You can even get real petal confetti in Adamapple cannons…no, I wasn’t made to say that!”

How do the guests know how to throw the confetti to get the best photograph?

“So, obviously your photographer should tell you all this on the day but when your guests line up for the confetti shot they tend to stand super far away from the bride and groom. The problem with that is that if you throw the confetti from too far away it’s generally not going to even reach you. What I recommend is having two lines of people, one either side of the bride and groom and asking guests to throw the confetti up in the air rather than directly at the newlyweds. This always makes a beautiful shot. If in doubt, move in closer, just over arms distance away is normally great.”

Do you need to consider the colour of your background surroundings when picking your confetti colour?

“A lot of the time you’re very limited to where you can actually throw confetti on the day. It totally depends on your venue. When your confetti falls down, you’re always going to see it against the groom’s suit and if the bride has darker hair. Obviously, if you’re shooting with a darker background, a lighter coloured confetti will show up great and vice versa. But for an amazing shot, I generally like it when the confetti is actually covering the newlyweds rather than surrounding them too much, so you can’t really go wrong because any colour confetti will look beautiful against a bride’s dress or groom’s suit. It doesn’t really matter about the background of the shot too much, I don’t think if the confetti is thrown correctly.”

Esme’s next weddings are scattered around the UK, Ireland and further afield including Portugal, Italy and Spain. Check out Esme’s Instagram and Website for a look at more of her work – and make sure to follow her insta stories because she’s a total laugh!

Her available wedding dates are very limited and she’s currently booking into 2021 so get in touch sooner rather than later if you fancy her as your Wedding Photographer!

Just to finish, we want to say a massive thank you to Esme for taking the beautiful images for our Home Page!

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