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Have your CONFETTI moment at your Plugged In Wedding

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

You wouldn't believe how many of our customers take the time to message us after their wedding to let us know that their confetti moment was one of the main highlights of their day.

I know we're totally biased but we just can't think of a wedding without even the tiniest bit of confetti involved. The confetti throw is such a unifying moment for every Bride, Groom and wedding guest. Everyone is there to celebrate your love and during the confetti toss, and everyone is part of that moment, together. Every person is seeing the same flurry of beautiful colours, smelling the same floral scent, throwing petals of wishes together, watching everyone's faces light up with joy.

Weddings are all about meaningful connections, moments that bring people together. This is why we think your confetti moment shouldn't be forgotten about, even if you're planning a quarantine wedding day. Are you celebrating your wedding day alone as a couple? Are you connecting to family and loved ones online with a Plugged In Wedding? Or maybe you're having to re-plan your guestlist so it is smaller than anticipated because, due to the current Corona Virus restrictions, some loved ones can't be there? There are still so many ways that you can have an incredible confetti moment, even if your wedding plans may have changed slightly from what you originally planned.

Here's some ideas for if you still want to experience an amazing confetti moment at your Plugged In Wedding.

We think that trying to bring people 'together', even though they have to be apart is more important than ever before. We believe that you don't need to be in the same room as someone to be able to have a sense of union. See a few of our ideas below on how you can incorporate confetti into your big day.

Confetti Invitations

Confetti | Virtual Wedding | Confetti Packets
Lockdown Wedding Confetti Packets

Hundreds and thousands of us are currently faced with the necessity of sending out amended Wedding Invitations. There are SO MANY lovely 'Change the Date' free printables available online if you want to keep costs down and print yourself/post digitally - or plenty of Wedding Stationers have created new ranges of invites specifically for amended wedding dates. Here are a few of our faves, but you can totally have a peruse of Etsy/Instagram/Pinterest for so many more different designs and options, there's loads out there.

If you still need to send out a new invitation for your amended date but you definitely want to still celebrate your original date, you could 'fill two needs with one deed' by sending out a cute little confetti packet with each invite.

We made these special confetti packets recently for Mark and Evie who made the hard decision to reschedule their wedding to 2021. They have decided, though, to still commemorate their original wedding date by organising a Plugged In Wedding, asking friends and family to join online whilst they celebrate in their garden with a couple of close family members.

Confetti Packets | Plugged in Wedding | Virtual Wedding
Virtual "Plugged in" Wedding Confetti Packets

Mark and Evie are asking their guests to share a special moment together on their would-be wedding day by throwing confetti for them, even guests who are joining the day online.

We think this is such a great way to bridge the gap between loved ones who can't share the moment physically together, simply by the act of each person doing the same thing together, apart. Confetti is highly sensory; the smell, the colours, the act of throwing, the feel of the petals in your hands and fluttering over you. By having all of your guests, physically present or not, share this moment at the same time will unite everyone for that very special moment. This shared memory will be one that will be hard to forget, and we love it!

Love | Memories | Positivity Quotes
The best things in life ......

Doorstep, Distanced & DIY Photography with Confetti

We've touched on the amazing way that some savvy photographers have pivoted and made a shift in the way they work during the Corona Virus pandemic with Doorstep Photography, or "Doortraits".

Just look at these beautiful photos by Ayelle Photography, real life couple and badass Wedding Photographers whose Wedding was due to be this year but had to reschedule to May 2021. We loved hearing from Adam and Liz on how they felt about having to rearrange their original date. They ultimately decided to still celebrate their original wedding date by having a 'fake wedding' and documenting their day the best way they know how - awesome self taken photographs.

Liz has some wise words for couples who's wedding date has been affected by Covid 19.

"There is definitely something very bittersweet about planning a new date, but once your new date has been confirmed; we can reassure you that it is such a weight lifted! With everything going on, it does take away the excitement of it all but we believe that is an important part of a wedding and shouldn’t be taken away… so for those of you who are now starting ‘the wedding countdown’ again, that excitement will come back, those butterflies will be there and just think how amazing it will be, when it does eventually happen! There’s going to be some veryyyyyy big celebrations once this is all over!"

Doorstep Photography | Wedding photography bedford | Virtual wedding
Zoom Wedding | Wedding photography bedford | Virtual wedding
postponed wedding | Wedding photography bedford | Virtual wedding

I mean, at home confetti shots?! We're all about that life.

Confetti | Wedding photography bedford | Virtual wedding

I'm sure, with regulations being lifted slightly in the future, there will be some awesome photographers in your area who would be willing to shoot a portion of your Plugged In Wedding - even just a couple of Doorstep photographs to document your day would be an awesome memory keepsake.

Liz and Adam are based in Bedfordshire and are one of the many amazing Wedding Photographers that have pivoted their business to provide couples their Wedding Photography services in a slightly different way, to suit the 'new normal'.

"Book a Doortrait! Alongside lots of other photographers, we have recently started offering Doortraits. A simple, 10 minute photo shoot that takes place on your own front door. (At a safe, social distance) A great way of remembering your special day and getting some lovely pics together. Get in touch with a photographer local to you, get dressed up and follow your photographers lead. The best thing to do is be relaxed and have a cuddle together." - Liz, Ayelle Photography

If you don't decide to opt for a distanced photoshoot with a professional, why not grab your mobile phone, set it to self timer and become your own photographer for the day? You can 100% absolutely capture some incredible images and videos of your day which you will cherish forever. (We totes recommend a slow-mo video throwing confetti! It's so fun and looks awesome!)

Having a small wedding and still need to socially distance? Confetti Cannons are perfect!

Biodegradable Confetti Cannon | Confetti Cannon | Confetti

So, we're hoping for Government Guideline restrictions to be lifted later in the year so Winter Weddings can take place as normal. Our guess, though, is that we won't see total normality for another 12-18 months. We think numbers of guests will be limited, meaning weddings may have to be downsized significantly. We're hoping not and crossing our fingers and toes for life to go back to normal, and fast, but what can we do other than to wait and see?

If you're planning your Covid Secure Wedding within the next few months (Plugged In, or small and socially distanced) and you want to have a wonderful confetti moment, then Biodegradable Confetti Cannons or Confetti Flingers are Covid Secure as are our Lidded Cones and may be an option for you to think about.

Our Cannons fire confetti up to 3/4 metres into the air (social distancing, we got you!) and are packed FULL of beautiful confetti so would be absolutely perfect for a wedding with fewer, socially distanced guests and/or are just as fun to fire on your own if you are having your Plugged In Wedding day virtually with your loved ones.

I mean, just look how excited Neeny from the Adamapple Team got when testing one of our medium cannons a few months ago... and she WORKS HERE!

Flower Girls and Dudes, still got the job!

If you've got a littlen' who's job it was to adorn your aisle with petals before your grand entrance at your big wedding, then we reckon it's only fair they get a practise run at your Plugged In Wedding.

Setting up an improvised walkway/aisle for your at-home celebration is easy peasy. Here's Adam and Liz's home set up and we think it looks lush!

Zoom Wedding | Wedding Backdrop | Virtual Wedding

Once you have your aisle ready, its time for the Flower Girl/Dude duties.

These super cute, filled baskets are ideal for very important little people with very important flower petal sprinkling duties. Available from our website.

Or you can be totally thrifty and pick some flowers from your garden and pop them in a small container for your little ones ready to throw before you make your vows.

Flower Girl | Confetti Basket | Confetti
Flower Girl basket | Confetti Basket | Wedding Confetti
Confetti | Decorations Wedding | Flower Dude

Buy some confetti and have some fun, just because.

We can't write this post without plugging our bestselling bags of biodegradable confetti. Available in 1 litre and 2 litre bags. If you're feeling funky and just want to have some fun and throw some petals around then who are we to judge? We totally do it in our spare time, just for a bit of fun - and yeah, that's probably something that we shouldn't really admit. (Sad, confetti geeks, anyone?)

Its fun for the whole family, especially the kids...but... ESPECIALLY the adults. Our advice for a few minutes pure gratification is to get your glad-rags on, set your mobile phone to record, grab your children (and/or partner), get out into the garden and throw handfuls into the air. Dance. Laugh. Jump. Shout. Cuddle. Celebrate. Smile. You won't regret it, we promise!

Biodegradable Paper Confetti | Rainbow Confetti | Paper Confetti
Rainbow Confetti | Slowfall Confetti | Buy Confetti

The Ultimate Guide For Planning A Wedding During the Corona Virus Pandemic

We're all in this together. Have your 2020 Plugged In Wedding, your way. You'll have one heck of a wedding story to tell!

Celebrate now, party later.





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