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How do you make Biodegradable Petal Confetti?

The question we get asked the most is how do you make all that gorgeous biodegradable Petal Confetti?

Not ones to gatekeep, here is what we get up to in the name of a good HOORAY!

Our wonderful freeze drier "Polly" dries up to 4000 flower heads every month.

The Dried Confetti we make with our freeze drier can be found in our Lyo & Slowfall Ranges both on The Confetti Bar & Mixed for you pages.

All our confetti is 100% Natural, we do not use any artificial colours or bleach our petals. This makes our petal confetti suitable for most venues, even those in areas of outstanding beauty where preservation of the natural environment is paramount.

You can choose from a pre-made mix or create your own bespoke combination

Check out our social media feed to see what we are drying this week. Our "Mystery Mix" is always so pretty.

Be sure to check out our FAQ's and Blog for more inspiration.

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