• Neeny

How much wedding confetti do I need and when should I buy it?

Updated: May 17

This is by far THE most frequently asked question we get at Adamapple and it really is a difficult question to answer.

To decide on an amount, it completely depends what type of Bride or Groom you are. In general, we like to say that 1 litre of our confetti will serve up to 20 guests. Did you notice I said, “up to”? This is because there are so many confetti packaging options you can go for and each will cater for a different amount of guests per litre of confetti.

If you love our clear or frosted confetti packets we say that each packet should contain 50ml of confetti – which means that 1 litre will fill 20 of these little beauties!

Our little organza pouches hold the same amount of confetti as the packets and come pre-filled.

Maybe you prefer our lidded confetti cones? These are a little bigger than the packets we mentioned previously. So, with 1 litre of confetti you will be able to fill 12 of our lidded cones. The lidded cones are absolutely great as you can pre-fill and set on your guests’ seats before your ceremony. (They are totally great for sharing between two people as well, so you can get away with one on every other seat!)

Another option that some nearlyweds decide to go for is to go completely packaging free. We love this idea because you know we are eco-warriors and promote everything environmentally friendly! Popping your confetti loose into a reusable basket or box creates so much less waste, however, you do run the risk of greedy guests grabbing the biggest handful of confetti ever on the way out which may not leave enough for the guests exiting after them! (Trust us, it happens – you can’t help but get “confetti happy” when you see a basketful. We aren’t afraid to admit that we are totally that greedy guest!) If you are going with this packaging free option, we would recommend that 1 litre will serve around 15 guests.

Now, that’s the easy bit! The next question you need to ask yourselves is, “do I need to get confetti for all of my wedding guests?” Usually we suggest that NOT EVERYBODY will need to be catered for. Generally, not every single one of your guests will take part in the confetti throwing, so ordering for around three quarters of your guestlist may be the best option for you. If you’re a “more is more” kind of person though, you can definitely order enough for everyone – we just don’t like to see beautiful confetti go to waste if it’s not thrown!

If you’re reading through this and still thinking, “Oh my God, I still have no clue!” then check below our recommendations for ordering per number of guests. Hopefully this quick guide will help you out. Please note, this guide is to cater for around three quarters of your guests.

50 Guests

Packets/pouches: 40 packets which hold 2 litres of Confetti altogether

Cones: 24 cones which hold 2 litre