• Neeny

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Confetti From Our Online Confetti Bar

Updated: May 8

The Confetti Bar® is a magical place where you can create a confetti mix as personal and unique as your wedding day.

Ordering from our online confetti bar is super simple.

The Confetti Bar is just like a fancy Gin Bar - but instead of Gin, it's filled with CONFETTI!

You can make your order at the bar just like you would if you were out with your friends - Shots, Doubles, even a Pitcher!

At The Confetti Bar we have each single colour of confetti listed individually so you can pick your favourite colours to mix together. Have a browse on the main Confetti Bar page to see the entire colour range and make a little note of your favourites.

Let's say that your wedding colour scheme is ivory, pink and green. First, let's have a cheeky look at the selection of white and ivory confetti...

White Confetti | Snow Confetti | Petal Confetti

Make a note of your favourite. I think I like the Ivory Lyo Carnation and I quite like the look of the Sundried Daisies, too.

Now let's have a look at the green confetti options...

Eucalyptus Confetti | Biodegradable Confetti | Paper Confetti

I know in this confetti mix I want to use just real flower petals, so I'm going to disregard the Paper Confetti for today. I love the look of the Green Lyo Carnation but I chose Carnation petals for my Ivory choice - so for the green element I think I'll try the Eucalyptus instead. It's always a great idea to mix and match sizes and shapes of petals simply because the variety looks great.

Lastly, let's choose our favourite pink...

Delphinium Confetti | Rose Petal Confetti | Biodegradable Confetti

YES! The Magenta Sun-Dried Rose petals jump out at me so I think I'm going to choose those.

So now we have picked three favourites. You can totally pick more or fewer, but three seems like a good number of colours to start.

We have chosen Ivory Lyo Carnation, Eucalyptus and Magenta Sun Dried Rose.

Biodegradable Confetti | Rose Petal Confetti | Wedding Confetti

Now you want to think about how you want your confetti to look. The Confetti Bar is so versatile that you can order your colours in varying quantities. Of course you can order the same amount of each colour and mix together. A great way, though, is to choose one of your colours as a base. This way you can add smaller amounts of the other colours to your base petals.

For this mix, I think I'm going to choose the Magenta Rose as my base colour.

(I totally chose this as my base not only because it is an awesome colour but also because it is the cheapest of my favourite petals. Win, win! Who doesn't want a cheap confetti which is also massively beautiful?)

Then you can add smaller amounts of Ivory Carnation and Eucalyptus which are slightly more expensive.

So, we have chosen our favourite colours and decided on our base petal. Now we want to make 1 litre of confetti. 1 litre is our 'standard' amount - we sell our Mixed For You confetti by the litre because it is the starting point to working out how much you need to buy depending on the number of guests.

We say 1 litre serves 20 people.

(So, quick maths, if you have 60 guests you would need 3 litres or 100 guests you would need 5 litres etc.)

If you need to know how much confetti you need for your wedding, our helpful blogpost can guide you in the right direction.