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How to Prepare Your Dried Flower Confetti Packets

We like to think we offer something for everyone here at Adamapple

Our 20 Confetti Packets in a tray can be ordered with Ready Made or DIY options

We are here to give you insider tricks on making the most beautiful confetti packets at home, while saving on that ever important budget.

Step 1 - Add 50mls of Confetti to each Packet

Add Biodegradable Confetti to your packets
Filling Confetti Packets

Step 2 - Peel off the adhesive strip and fold

Seal your biodegradable confetti packets
Peel off adhesive strip on your confetti packets

Step 3 - Add your sticker

Adding stickers to your biodegradable confetti packets
Add your sticker to your confetti packets

Step 4 - Repeat .......

Complete filling your Biodegradable Confetti Packets
Repeat the process to complete filling your Confetti Packets

Step 5 - Place your complete packets into your tray

Biodegradable Confetti Packets in a tray
20 Confetti Packets in a tray

Now you have the perfect Confetti solution

Each Packet holds enough confetti for 1 guest and can be made up in the weeks running up to your wedding.

Check out the mixes available in our Mixed for you range

You can order your Confetti up to 12 months in advance of your wedding, find out more about our delayed delivery service

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