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How to spread HAPPINESS during lockdown

Updated: May 14, 2020

The unfolding coronavirus global pandemic has lead most of us to be confined to our homes for the foreseeable future. (Massive shout out to our NHS and Key Workers right now!) For a lot of people, this is such an uncertain and unsettling time and it is hard to not feel overwhelmed or anxious about the current situation we are finding ourselves in.

Of course, with the latest government guidelines and expert advice, we must avoid non-essential face-to-face meetings of loved ones, friends and family members. But this does not mean that we cannot be proactive in spreading kindness like confetti.

Taking steps to lift the moods of your loved ones will in turn lift your own. Practising making wise and kind choices to spread cheer is so important in such a strange time, especially when we can't be as close to our loved ones as we normally would be. We live in a world where it is now easier than ever to stay in touch, to share appreciation and to support friends, family, loved ones - or even your neighbour (who you've only ever nodded to when you happen to cross paths!) Now is the time to be creative in how we show that we care and how we let people know we are thinking of them.

Here are a few ideas on how we can try to spread happiness and joy during the Covid 19 Pandemic with a little help from Adamapple Confetti.

Send a "Hooray" to brighten someone's day!

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say to somebody to make them feel better. Many of us avoid phone or facetime conversations because we simply don't know what to say. It’s the little things that make a huge impact right now. A simple 'I'm thinking of you' message can instantly brighten somebody's day. Lifting people's mood is what we strive to do, so we have made a very special product for you which we will send directly to a loved one's door to make them smile.

Did someone make a difference to your life?

Did someone make you smile this week?

Do you miss someone and want them to know you are thinking about them?

Are you missing a celebration with family or friends?

Send them a Hooray!

Confetti | Confetti Box | Confetti Card

Each Hooray contains a personal message and a packet of our beautiful freeze dried, biodegradable confetti.

Biodegradable Confetti | Lockdown Gift | Confetti Box
Confetti | Confetti Box | Confetti Card

The confetti can be thrown, kept as a memento, used as a drawer fragrance or in crafts.

confetti | biodegradable confetti | personalised gifts

A totally guilt free gift, the Confetti and packaging are 100% Biodegradable and kind to the environment.

confetti | biodegradable confetti | flowers for delivery in the uk

Send a virtual hug!

Of course we can FaceTime, but why not send a virtual hug as well. Save this image and send to a loved one via Facebook, Instagram (We would love to see, make sure you tag us if you do!) You could even include it in a text message, WhatsApp group or email.

However you send it to the person you love, or the friend you care for, we know it will make them smile. Sometimes we need to lighten the mood with something simple and easy like this. You never know - you might even get a virtual hug back!

biodegradable paper confetti | Confetti | free printable

Throw some Rainbow Microfetti!

There is literally joy in every handful of our Microfetti. We love the 'Chase the Rainbow' trend which shows childrens' (and adults'!) home made paintings and drawings of rainbows and messages of hope displayed in their windows.

One of our Wedding Photographer friends, Toni Darcy, sent us a video recently which absolutely made our day of her throwing some of our Rainbow Microfetti paper confetti.

You're right, Toni! Throwing a handful - or ten - of our Rainbow Microfetti is guaranteed to make you smile. Grab from the pile and throw up into the air in your garden, or if you're brave, throw indoors! We dare you not to smile when it flurries down around you.

biodegradable paper confetti | rainbow confetti | biodegradable confetti
biodegradable paper confetti | confetti | biodegradable confetti

The KIDS will love it, YOU will love it and WE will love watching the videos you take. Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you video your Microfetti Hooray moment like Toni did.

biodegradable paper confetti | confetti | biodegradable confetti

Rainbow Microfetti is available here. One litre is enough for 20 happy throws!

(Great news is, we have plenty of time for hoovering in isolation...)

Send a dried flower bouquet!

The small act of giving can really make a change in someone's day. Kind gestures mean a lot and a delivery of dried flowers with a beautiful message could really make a big difference to someone when you can't be there in person.

flowers for delivery in the uk | dried flowers | dried flower bouquet

These dried flower bouquets are absolutely beautiful and would be a treasured gift that can be admired for months, if not years. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or just because...

flowers for delivery in the uk | dried flowers | dried flower bouquet

Each bouquet is unique, created by hand in our studio by the lovely Natale from Weddingfleurs. Natale is an amazing, talented florist and friend. We are super excited to be collaborating with her.

flowers for delivery in the uk | dried flowers | dried flower bouquet
flowers for delivery in the uk | dried flowers | dried flower bouquet

These would also be a beautiful addition to any home if you are looking for something beautiful to make your heart sing. There's nothing wrong with sending one to yourself for a little dose of personal happiness and wellbeing!

flowers for delivery in the uk | dried flowers | dried flower bouquet
flowers for delivery in the uk | dried flowers | dried flower bouquet

The bouquets are wrapped in tissue paper and beautiful packaging before being placed in a box for delivery. Included with the bouquet is a personalised card note that will contain your message, just let us know what you would like to say.

Lockdown Gifts | dried flowers | dried flower bouquet
Message for mum | dried flowers | dried flower bouquet

Send a mini dried flower bouquet!

Spread happiness to more important people in your life by sending some mini bouquets and hug tokens. These will be available on our website very soon to buy and send. But for now, here's a sneak peek!

dried flowers | dried flower bouquet | flowers for delivery in the uk

Clap for our Carers - NHS and Keyworkers!

"Clap For Our Carers is a campaign that involves Britons up and down the country applauding National Health Service doctors, nurses, cleaners, and other healthcare staff on the front line of the battle against coronavirus.

Clap For Our Carers has already provided a much-needed morale boost to the nation, with communities using it as a way to unite at a time of social distancing measures, and show support for the estimated 1.3 million Britons who work for the NHS." - The Telegraph

Every Thursday at 8pm people across the country clap and cheer for the NHS and Key workers from their doorsteps or gardens. Such a great way to unite as a community to show our thanks to the people who are working for us to keep us safe and fed.

Cheer, clap, shout Hooray! Bash some pots and pans together, sing, dance... make your celebration of thanks go off with a bang start with a bang with a confetti cannon or two!

biodegradable confetti cannon | confetti cannon | Wedding confetti cannon

If you're especially thankful for a keyworker that has helped you or a family member or loved one during the pandemic, a confetti cannon is guaranteed to add a bit of 'wow' to your celebration of thanks during the weekly 'Clap for our Carers'. Your cannons can be filled with whatever confetti you like - perhaps make it Rainbow to spread some colourful (and biodegradable!) joy.

(Biodegradable confetti cannons available in medium or large.)

biodegradable confetti cannon | confetti cannon | Wedding confetti cannon

These canons would also be incredible for a quarantine birthday celebration, anniversary, or maybe even to commemorate your original wedding date that had to be moved because of the pandemic.

Get married anyway!

WHY SHOULD YOU NOT get dressed up and showered in confetti on what should have been your special day? Hold a personal ceremony in your garden and just get unofficially 'married' anyway!

We absolutely LOVE the story we read this week about Sophie and Ben who hosted their wedding on a Zoom video conference with all of their loved ones on what should have been their original wedding date.

Zoom wedding | Virtual Wedding | Plugged in wedding

Zoom wedding | Virtual Wedding | Plugged in wedding

(Ps. If anyone knows Sophie or Ben, please send them our way - we would love to chat to them...)

That's all from us today. If you have any ideas of ways to spread happiness during quarantine, we would love to know. We also can't wait to see your pictures and videos of you or your loved ones receiving their Hooray Mail or throwing their confetti.

We hope you're all taking care and we just want to take this time to say a MASSIVE thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everybody that has supported our little business the past few weeks. We can't wait to get the whole team back in the studio, but for now we just need to do what we need to by stay safe, stay inside and spread kindness like confetti.


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