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LOVE WINS! Have the best virtual wedding day ever!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The Ultimate Guide for Planning a Wedding Day During the Corona Virus Pandemic

We don't want to mention the dreaded words, but we guess we'd better get them out of the way in the first paragraph. Corona Virus (there, we said it, and that's the only time we will!) has affected so many of our lovely Brides' and Grooms' lives this year and yeah, my goodness, it has only just turned May. We've been reading about the challenges so many of you have been going through right now and we are seeing so many heartbroken couples who have had to change their wedding plans in 2020.

Love Isnt Cancelled | Corona Virus Wedding | Covid Wedding | Wedding At Home

Sad, stressed and broken hearted Brides and Grooms are NOT what we want to see - in fact, I'm sure you already know that our little Adamapple team have always aspired to spread joy, happiness, 'hoorays' and everything lovely. This is why we have decided that we aren't going to let love be defeated by Covid-19. (Oops, we said it again!) We are going to help you make love WIN. Weddings may be, but LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED. Screw the system; we want you to have your perfect (or perfectly imperfect!) wedding on your original wedding date. And we want to help make that happen.

So what can you do to make your love conquer during the pandemic?

We've all heard of UnPlugged Weddings, right? Where guests are kindly asked to switch off their phones and devices so that they are fully present in the moment whilst you make your important vows...

But now, more than ever, we want our loved ones to be with us when they maybe can't be in person.

Let's pivot! What about having a 'Plugged-In' Wedding?

We know that many of you might have rearranged your date already but we totally understand that your original date is and always will be massively significant. There is most likely a reason you chose your original date and we know its a day you've been looking forward to for months, or even years. It will always be why not have your 'wedding day', on the date you planned, with everyone you love...ONLINE, with a 'Plugged-In Wedding'.

Some of you may be reading this thinking, 'YES! That sounds amazing!' but we also know that there will be some of you who maybe just don't feel like doing anything to celebrate your original date... and, you know what? that's totally okay. Be kind to yourself - it's okay to feel a little deflated; its okay to want to pass the day off without making too much of a fuss. You do you.

We're all sailing along the same river, but we're all in different boats, and we get that.

If you want to celebrate somehow, we're just hoping to help you with some ideas which can help turn what could be such a negative time into something really positive! Remember, life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain. LOVE WINS, ALWAYS.

So no matter how or if you decide to celebrate your original wedding date, let love win. Even if you only feel like doing something tiny to commemorate the day, we hope we can give you some ideas to read through to bring some positivity. It doesn't all have to be fancy. Even something as trivial as giving your partner a big squeeze, eating some cake and making a little toast to your perfect future together is the easiest thing in the world to do and may be all you feel like doing. But, trust us, it will be worth it. That can be your special moment.

If you decide that you want to celebrate and share parts (or all!) of your day online with your loved ones, here are some ideas that you could incorporate into your very own Plugged In Wedding. Have a nosey around at our different blog posts below. Maybe even share your plans and ideas with us and other couples - we'd love to hear what you're going to do to celebrate your original date.

We've read about couples going 'all in' and celebrating their big day and hosting it all live to their friends and family on social media. There's so many options - video calls on Zoom with multiple people, hosting your day on Facebook or Instagram live, where your guests can see and comment, or simply just facetiming your closest loved ones for the all important moments along the day. The options are endless and its guaranteed that your guests will love the fact that they can share your special day with you. Weddings are all about meaningful connections and with guests being able to comment, engage and interact with you through the whole day, it will truly be special for everyone.

We're all in this together. Have your 2020 Plugged In Wedding, your way. You'll have one heck of a wedding story to tell!

Celebrate now, party later.





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