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Mask Up! Our new mask display/storage range is here. FREE WEDDING PRINTABLES INCLUDED

Pretty much everyone in the world right now is required to wear a mask at some point during their day. We know that remembering to take a mask out with you when you leave the house is almost as hard as remembering your reusable shopping bag before you pull up at the supermarket car park (we've all been there, let's be honest!)

If you're organised enough to remember your face masks, the next predicament is where to actually put your mask when you're not using it. Let's be real for a minute...are you a chin-strapper, a bottom of the handbag rooter, a back pocket stuffer or a car glove compartment delver? There seems to be many a place to keep your mask but we bet a lot aren't kept as clean as they should be.

So, to help you out, we've been busy creating these handy little facemask bags which you can fill with either your disposable masks or, even better, your reusable face coverings.

hand sanitizer | face mask | disposable face mask

Our Pack of 5 cheeky face mask bags are perfect for becoming more organised and storing your on-the-go masks more hygienically. Fill each with a mask and pop in a basket by your door, or keep in your car or handbag so you can simply grab one and go whenever you need to!

These packets can be ironed on the reverse to re-sanitise and be re-used. They are also biodegradable so can be thrown away guilt-free once they are ready to be disposed of. Hooray!

hand sanitizer | face mask | disposable face mask

Another new product in our Mask range is this cute little wall organiser.

facemask | face mask | face mask storage

Hang up by your front door and fill your hooks up with masks so you can grab and go before you rush out. Replace the masks with clean ones daily and you will definitely be more likely to remember to take one out with you! Don't be a maskhole...wear the facemask to protect yourself and others around you.


Are you having a Covid restricted wedding? Instead of expecting your guests to remember their masks, why not make SURE they will all be safe by popping a mask on each of their seats, or by the entrance to your venue? We have designed six different Wedding Day face mask packets so you can choose the best for your big day.

hand sanitizer station | face mask | disposable face mask
hand sanitiser | face mask | disposable face mask

Face masks aren't included but each of these packets are A6 in size and will fit a standard sized face covering as shown in the images. Where possible, we totally recommend using re-usable masks, too!

Available in Packs of 5

hand sanitiser | facemask | disposable face mask

Spread LOVE, not germs!

We love giving you all a good freebie, so to spread some love to you, here are some FREE printables for you to use. Whether you're having a Santizing Station at your Wedding, Baby Shower or social bubble party/celebration...or if you run a small business and want to have a cute sign for your reception desk or welcome table, these are for you!

Simply download and print. (Private use only, not for resale.) We'd love to see photos if you use them!

To download the full size image, click the links below and export the PDF files to your device. Printable up to A4 size. Available in UK and US spelling - Sanitise/Sanitize.

(Links will open in a new tab.)


hand sanitiser station | face mask | disposable face mask



hand sanitizer station | face mask | disposable face mask

Enjoy! Be safe...and wear your mask!

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