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New Biodegradable Confetti Mixes for 2021 / 2022

Hooray! It is FINALLY time to plan your Big HOORAY!

We are so excited to see the return of restriction free Weddings after 21st June and in preparation we have re-mixed a few of our Favorite Confetti Mixes for you.

All of our Confetti is Biodegradable & Dye Free, just as nature intended them to be.

We have studied the art of Confetti Mixing over the last 7 years and have created our Slowfall Confetti Mixes especially for you. They are gorgeous and fall to perfection using different weights and sizes of petals to create the perfect Confetti for your Wedding Day.

Spring Wedding Confetti | Biodegradable Confetti | Confetti
Artisan Spring Confetti Mix

We are obsessing over this artisan inspired Natural Confetti Mix. Biodegradable Confetti has never looked so pretty and this mix is 100% as nature intended it to be. This is a mixture of Freeze Dried Mini Daffodils, Eucalyptus Leaf Confetti, Dried Rose Petals, Delphinium & Wildflower petals.

Something Blue | Biodegradable Confetti | Confetti
Something Blue

This Mix is perfect for a bit of Tradition on your Wedding Day. In history wearing Something Blue was to deflect that pesky Evil Eye! - Love a bit of wedding trivia! haha Nowadays it symbolizes Pure Love and Fidelity but regardless of whether you you buy into Wedding Traditions or not, you have to agree this Confetti Mix is absolutely Gorgeous and will fall beautifully.

Dream Cloud | Biodegradable Confetti | Confetti
Dream Cloud

We have Mixed Pretty Pastel Pink Rose Petals with Grey Delphinium Petals to create this gorgeous Mix that reminds me of Summer Evening Skies. Pink roses carry the symbolism of Happiness and Romance and we definitely think you couldn't help but smile when looking at this Confetti Combination. Grey & Silver are popular Wedding Colours but it can be tricky to find a Natural Petal Confetti that co-ordinates, so here it is!

Rainbow | Biodegradable Confetti | Confetti

This Confetti mix, without exception is your favorite mix, year on year. This mix is a feast for your eyes and senses, we combine so many different Confetti petal types into this mix it certainly creates a HELL YEAH! Moment for you and your guests.

Head on over to our Mixed for you Section to check out our other gorgeous mixes. All created with the best Fall Rates in mind so that you get the absolute best Confetti Moment.

Or why not head over to The Confetti Bar to create your very own custom Confetti Mix that is unique to you. We have lots of tips on how to create your perfect Confetti mix over on our Blog Post How to use the Confetti Bar.

Our FAQ's will also give you the answers to all those burning Confetti Questions.

Happy Planning!

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