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Planning The Perfect Hen Party

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Our Top 5 Tips To Make Sure Your Event is Amazing!

Hen Party planning can feel so daunting. Whether it's the Bride, Bridesmaid or whoever, planning the Hen Party event and having to get it right can feel like a HUGE responsibility. So we have put together a check list and our top tips just for you. 1. Talk To The Bride There is no point steaming ahead, planning the best event ever and then the bride finds out the plans and turns into Bridezilla as it doesn't tick any of her boxes. So sit down together before any of the planning takes place. And if you are the bride, make sure you plan something YOU will enjoy and don't just do something for the enjoyment of everyone else. 2. Agree The Budget Whether it's a night out, a meal in a restaurant or a week away in Ibiza, set the budget so everyone is comfortable. For this one, it may be worth chatting to other attendees - though a word of caution on doing that, you will never please all the people all the time. So you may just have to pick a budget and work with it. 3. Discuss The Detail Who is booking what, what are the payment plans and deadlines, who is communicating with who. Getting all this in the plan, especially if there are a large number of you, can really help to avoid the 'he said, she said' conflict that can happen. 4. Plan Food and Drink Easy if it's just a meal out but if you're heading off to a stately home you have booked for the weekend, Who is cooking? Who is shopping? When are you eating in/out? This all links to the budget setting too. 5. Have Fun and Enjoy The Planning This is supposed to be a fun event, make sure you have fun doing the planning. If planning isn't your thing, then find someone in the group who would love to take it on. There's always someone who's an organiser who would love the task. Bonus Tip Make sure you plan in activities that you can include all your guests in and we have just the thing! Read on for more details...

The Perfect Hen Party Activity! We have combined UK grown Delphiniums with wheats, bunny tails and preserved broom to give you a dried flower crown kit that gives you everything you need to make a dried flower hair accessory with gorgeous textures and movement. Included... Wired Rustic Twine Selection of Dried and Preserved Flowers as pictured Floristry tape Ribbon Instructions with a link to an easy to follow Video Tutorial All Crowns start with a neutral pallet, you can choose the Accent Colour. Choose from Pink Blue Ivory Bright Pink Purple Lilac / Grey The only thing you will need is scissors to complete your Crown, this is the only item not included.

Check out Bride To Be Kim, who decided on a festival inspired Hen Party

Gathering her tribe in a beautiful cottage in the Lake District for a boozy weekend of fun and shenanigans! She chose the Ivory Crown for herself and Blue crowns for her Hens. How amazing do they all look!

Finally... Have some fun with our selection of free printable PDFs. Our in-house design team have made some A4 printable products for you to use at your Hen Party.

Are you having a Hen Do? Have some fun with our selection of free printable PDFs. Our in-house design team have made some A4 printable products for you to use at your Hen Party. "Kiss the Miss goodbye!" - "Kisses for the future Mrs." - "Kisses for the soon to be Mrs!"

Hen Party Games | Hen Party Printable | Hen Party

So happy Hen Party planning! Have a fabulous week The AdamApple Team xx

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