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Sophie & Oliver's Confetti Moment

A massive congratulations to the newlyweds, Sophie & Oliver Fernihough.

These two beauties tied the knot on Saturday, September 21st 2019 at the stunning St Peters Church in the beautiful village of Inkberrow, Worcestershire.

After being together for nearly ten years and raising their beautiful little boy, George, they had one of their happiest days spent together, celebrating with family and friends on their Wedding Day. Sophie and Oliver had day filled with so much joy, but also an emotional one as they remembered loved ones that couldn't be with them - devastatingly Sophie lost her Granddad and Oliver lost his dad within 6 months of each other before the wedding.

The pair were lucky enough though, to have their wedding day on the last hot, sunny day of 2019. The weather was gorgeous and the sun was shining down over them for the entire day.

Friends and family lined up, eager to throw confetti over the new Husband and Wife as they walked out together after the ceremony. Sophie and Oliver chose our Pink Ombre biodegradable confetti. The mix of pink rose petal and magenta rose petals matched the Bridesmaids dresses (from Quiz Clothing) and Sophie's bouquet perfectly, as well as complimenting Oliver's pink tie. The stunning bouquet and floristry is by Anna Brian in Hanbury.

We have so many confetti packaging options, and Sophie chose our beautiful frosted biodegradable confetti packets with personalised stickers. Each packet holds the perfect amount of wedding confetti for each of your guests and can be placed on your guests' seats so everyone has their confetti ready for after the wedding ceremony.

Confetti Packet | Biodegradable Confetti | Natural Confetti

Sophie and Oliver opted for our DIY wedding confetti package. This included loose real petal confetti, personalised wedding stickers and frosted confetti packets. Each element is sent separately so they can be lovingly packaged at home.

If you don't fancy yourself as a DIY bride, we also offer a Ready Made service where we will package your confetti for you!

Wedding Confetti | Confetti Bag | Biodegradable Confetti

Laura Jayne Photographer captured the beautiful shot below as the couple walked across the grounds of St Peters Church. Our natural petal confetti is complimented here by biodegradable paper heart confetti which looks absolutely incredible. Mixing and matching different types of confetti for your wedding gives great dimension to your confetti shot - we love the textures of the real petals and the paper confetti gives great depth to the photos. You can never have too much confetti - just make sure it's biodegradable!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Sophie's dress? The intricate, embellished shoulder details on her bridal gown are to die for. We also love the super elegant fishtail design - swoon. Sophie's dress is from Cathedral Belles in Worcester and Oliver's suit is from Heaphys Menswear in Redditch.

Pink Rose Confetti | Petal Confetti | Flower Petal Confetti

Sophie and Oliver travelled to and from the church in the most beautiful horse and carriage from a local company Esquire Carriages. After the ceremony, their evening reception was held in a gorgeous tricone marquee with a fancy LED round bar. Sophie and her family own an events company called Sugar Star Events which dress venues, hire out props, sweet carts etc so we can only imagine how amazing the reception venue looked! Jealous? Us?! Okay, yes we are...

Pink Rose Confetti | Pink Confetti | Biodegradable Confetti

Quick Tip: A small scattering of Ombre pink confetti on your wedding tables as table confetti will add a gorgeous natural scent to the room, as well as a pop of beautiful colour. The magenta petals smell absolutely divine and the mix of light pink and dark pink of the petals will compliment many colour schemes.

Thank you Sophie and Oliver for sending us your real Hooray confetti moment.

If you would like the chance to have your confetti shot featured on our blog, please send an email to

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