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Valentines Inspiration

Valentine's is just around the

corner .... are you planning a big night out or a cosy night in?

Here are our top tips for Romantic Valentines touches.

Rose Petals ... Everywhere!

Roses are the most romantic flower and when it comes to valentines Red Roses are an absolute must.

Our sumptuous preserved red rose petals are the perfect sumptuous touch.

Rose Petal Bath -

Fill the bath a little ahead of time

Add some rose petal essential oils to the water to fragrance the air.

Surround the bath with different shapes and sizes of candles

Finish with a sprinkling or preserved rose petals.

Make sure you have your playlist loaded with their favourite tunes to relax to.

I love the small gestures that have cost more in time & preparation with well thought out meaningful touches. This is what Valentines is all about

Rose Petal Path -

You don't have to stop at bath petals, imagine arriving home to a path of petals leading you to your luxurious bath. Pop your diffuser on or light some scented candles for maximum effect.

Rose Petal Decoration -

I think Red rose petals look on point anywhere. I love it when I am on holiday and i arrive back to my room with a decorated bed. Use your rose petals to create a beautiful & romantic touch to your bedroom, you can never go wrong with a heart design.

Alternatively sprinkle petals on the table before you serve their favourite meal or around the fireplace before snuggling up to watch a movie.

Preserved Roses & Bouquets

If petals aren't your thing, how about gifting your loved one to a single stem preserved rose or bouquet that will last forever. These gorgeous stems can be delivered direct to your loved one at work or home with a little note or gifted in person.

Netflix & Chill

If a big night in is on the cards this Valentines, why not treat your loved one to one of our Netflix & Chill Boxes. Whether you are cosying down with a cheesy romance or a intense thriller this is the perfect accessory. Fill with all their favourite goodies & Chill .....

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