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What to expect this Black Friday at Adamapple Confetti

Black Friday is our biggest sale of the year. If you’re getting married in the next 12 months and you’ve been thinking about purchasing some beautiful, biodegradable, eco-friendly wedding confetti then NOW is the time! Here is a little sneak peek as to what to expect at the Adamapple Confetti Black Friday Sale.

Don’t worry if your wedding date isn’t until later next year, we offer a Delayed Delivery Service on all orders placed on our website. All you need to do is select the Delay Order option when purchasing and then simply leave us your wedding date in the box provided. We will receive your order and then send out your confetti purchase 4 weeks before your big day! Easy peasy - one more thing to tick off your list!

All of our confetti is 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. We never bleach or use dyes to artificially colour our natural petals. They are just as nature intended them to be. Your venue will most likely only allow earth-friendly, biodegradable confetti so you can shop at Adamapple with peace of mind that you can get a beautiful, guilt-free confetti shot on your Wedding day.

There will be over 50 items included in our Black Friday Sale with some products up to a whopping 50% off! Have a little browse to see just some of the beautiful options you can choose from.

Our entire ‘Mixed For You’ wedding confetti range will have discounts. This includes all of our BRAND NEW confetti mixes. There is so much to choose from, so if you like the look of our Classic Sun-Dried, Signature Slowfall or Freeze-Dried Lyo confetti mixes then you’re in luck.

You can totally go packaging free and just pop your confetti in a basket or box, but a lot of our brides and grooms love our range of eco-conscious packaging options. Everything is 100% biodegradable – yep, even the clear packaging that looks suspiciously like plastic is actually made of natural starches which means they are fully compostable. There is a whole range of personalised and none-personalised packaging included in the Black Friday sale so you can pick your favourite and make it personal to you!

Remember when we said you could pop your confetti in a basket or box? Are you the type of person that can’t be bothered with the faff of finding the perfect container?…we’ve got you covered. For the nearlywed that just wants a simple confetti shopping experience, we have designed a range of great packages which we call a “Confetti Bar.”

Simply choose your favourite colour vibe and we will send you out FOUR beautiful, hand picked trays of confetti, 24 confetti cones and an A4 sign. Unwrap on the day of your wedding and enjoy!

Or for an awesome keepsake, you can get a laser engraved wooden box filled with FOUR LITRES of your chosen confetti colour, cones and A4 sign – enough for 48-96 guests! You can keep the box for years to come and fill it with memories from your big day.

Are you planning a Winter Wedding? Or do you just LOVE the snow? Our trademarked Snowfetti is the original snow confetti on the market. It is perfect for creating a wintery look to your confetti pictures. It is also perfect to get great smiles as it is just so fun to throw!! It will be available to purchase in a range of different personalised packets and Flingers or you can just buy it by the Litre.

Prices will be officially released when the sale goes live on Friday 29th November.

Our website has now been updated so you can see all products which will be included…check back tomorrow to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! HOORAY!

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