Facemask Bag | Facemask | Disposable Facemask
  • Pack of 5 Cheeky Facemask Hygiene Bags


    Keep your Facemask hygenic in our toungue in cheek Facemask Hygiene bags.


    I don't know about you but i have been struggling to find a product to store my facemask in that doesn't add to my laundry pile and is hygenic too.


    These little bags easily fit the standard face masks as seen in the image, keep your facemask hygenically in your handbag or store in a basket for your customers to use. These packets can be ironed on the reverse to re-sanitise and re-used, they are also biodegradable. Hooray!


    These bags do not come with Facemasks included and are photographed for inspiration only.


    Facemask Bag | Facemask | Disposable Facemask