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This beautiful cone shaped ring holder serves as a lasting and joyful reminder of your special day, filled with Love, Laughter and Happy Ever After. 

What better momento to own than your Petal Confetti, frozen in time, encapsulated forever.

These beautiful ring holders will sit on your bedside table and showcase your ring in a classic and timeless way. When you look at it you will be reminded of your joyful confetti moment and just like your love for one another each piece is totally unique.


As with all Adamapple products these beautiful ring holders are created to be eco-friendly & non-toxic.


Please tell us which confetti you require in the box provided.


Each ring holder is hand made to order by a local talented artisan and therefore there will be up to a 2 week wait, please email info@adamapple.co.uk for current lead times.


I'm afraid we can not add this item to an order already made due to the administration time.

Encapsulated Confetti Ring Holder

Add Metalic Leaf to your Encapsulated Petals?
  • As each ring holder is handmade to order, this product is non returnable unless faulty. Small air bubbles and imperfections may be present in the encapsulation, this is normal in the process of encapsulating your petals. There may be a slight difference in the colour of the petals in your cone, this is caused when the preservative is added to your petal mix. Do not store your cone next to heating vents, window sills, or in the car. Store away from sunlight. The sun may discolour your preserved petal cone.