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Flower Girl | Confetti Basket | Wedding Confetti
  • Flower Girl Confetti Basket with Rose Petal Confetti


    This beautiful Flower Girl Basket comes complete with 3 Litres of Natural Freeze Dried Rose Petal Confetti.


    Perfect for your Flower Girl or Confetti Dude to throw down the aisle on your wedding day or for your guests to grab a handful of confetti for your big Hooray!


    The petals included in this package are super large Freeze Dried rose petals which are perfect for a big impact confetti moment. 


    100% Biodegradable, Natural and Dye Free, 3 litres of Rose Petal Confetti will serve up to 45 Guests in this adorable wooden confetti basket. The petals are mixed colours as in the image above.


    We freeze dry these petals in our state of the art Freeze Dryer which results in a confetti petal that looks like it has been freshly plucked from the flower.


    Flower Girl | Confetti Basket | Wedding Confetti

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