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Pastel Rainbow | Heart Confetti | Biodegradable Confetti
  • Pastel Rainbow Biodegradable Heart Tissue Paper Confetti

    £8.99 Regular Price
    £4.50Sale Price

    Pastel Rainbow Hearts Biodegradable Paper Wedding Confetti


    You will receive 1 litre of confetti and will serve 20-25 guests.


    Biodegradable Confetti made from tissue paper is Wonderfully Traditional and Hopelessly Romantic.


    These beautiful biodegradable tissue paper hearts each measuring approx. 20mm are on trend for weddings, we have seen the most amazing images taken using this confetti.


    If bold confetti is your thing these beautiful biodegradable paper confetti circles are perfect for you.


    You will receive 1 Litre of this beautiful confetti which is already fluffed and separated.


    Postage is combined when ordering multiple quantities.


    Add a touch of eco-friendly sparkle to your wedding day with Adamapple Biodegradable Confetti.


    This confetti is perfect for celebrating your special day while also being kind to the environment.

    • Biodegradable: Made from natural materials that break down quickly and harmlessly.
    • Pastel Rainbow Hearts: Add a stylish touch to your wedding.
    • Suitable for 20 guests: Comes in a 1 litre bag, perfect for small weddings or intimate gatherings.



    Sprinkle this beautiful confetti over the newlyweds or use it as table decor - it's sure to add a special touch of magic and charm no matter how you choose to use it. You can enjoy your big day without worrying about harming the environment with this eco-friendly option.


    Celebrate in style with Adamapple Biodegradable Confetti - perfect for any occasion where you want some extra sparkle and magic!


    Please note, tissue paper is biodegradable but not instantly water soluble: it will generally biodegrade in around 2 weeks depending on the weather. Please be aware that the colours shown in the photographs may display differently on different computer monitors, mobile device screens, etc but we do try our best to accurately photograph the colours.


    The confetti is bleed resistant under normal use and conditions. However, we do not recommend using it when raining and would suggest any wet or damp confetti is removed from fabric, furnishings and flooring immediately as we cannot guarantee that the colour will not run. We have tested this confetti and found no ooze of colour at all even in damp conditions but will not accept any liability for any colour transfer. Confetti should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to avoid any colour fading.


    Pastel Rainbow | Heart Confetti | Biodegradable Confetti

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