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The Confetti Bar® is a magical place where you can create a biodegradable confetti mix as personal and unique as your wedding day.

Here you will find all of our biodegradable confetti, available to order in single colours and varying quantities.


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Using The Confetti Bar is an unique experience that our expert team will guide you through using our blog & social media.

Mix with us during our social media live videos from The Confetti Bar.


Once you have your perfect confetti recipe, you can order up to 12 months in advance and we will store it for you. This means that even if the petals you love then go out of stock, they have been reserved for you and you don't risk your petals fading through incorrect storage.

Once your Hooray Mail arrives, you can be a petal mixologist in your own home.

We only sell 100% Biodegradable Confetti. Our confetti petals are simply natural flower petals with no bleaches or dyes used to change their natural colour. They are just as nature intended them to be.


Shop online or contact us to book a personal consultation at The Confetti Bar with one of our Mixologists.


We love nothing more than creating beautiful biodegradable confetti mixes. Combinations that look amazing and fall to perfection.


Our team of experts have created this collection using trends within the wedding industry as inspiration, coupled with their expert knowledge in the art of confetti mixology you are guaranteed to recieve a confetti mix that exceeds your expectations.



Here you will find lots of mixology inspiration including our signature Slowfall and Snowfetti Confetti ranges.

It is so easy to shop our Mixed For You range.


Confetti in this section is sold by the litre which will fill 12 lidded cones or 20 of our packets.


Once you have chosen your confetti you can shop our stunning range of eco-conscious packaging.


Being plastic free and Insta worthy is our ultimate goal.

Choosing eco packaging options shouldn't mean you have to make compromises on design.


Our in-house design team have created a beautiful selection of eco-conscious packaging options for you to swoon over.


I mean biodegradable confetti deserves biodegradable packaging right?!



Here you will find Confetti Cones, Packets & Bags and so much more


We know you will love our guilt free collection.


Dried flowers are the biggest and newest trend to hit the wedding industry.


At last you don't have to make the choice between fresh or silk flowers. Dried flowers are so hot right now that fresh florists are using them increasingly in their displays. 


Here you will find Air Dried and Freeze Dried flowers, botanicals, dried flower bouquets, bridesmaids posies and buttonholes.


Use our dried flowers to create your own displays, decorate cakes or tables, or choose from our assembled dried flower bouquets and accessories. 


We love to see your creations, be sure to tag us in your social media posts @adamappleconfetti

The possibilities are endless with dried flower design, check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration.


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Fresh flowers are so meaningful and symbolic but sadly after a week or so they will have gone forever.

We are so excited to be able to extend the time you are able to enjoy your flowers from your wedding day or other occasion.


We use the latest in Freeze Dried technology to preserve your flowers. 


Keep them in a memory box, frame them or encase them in jewellery.

We want to make preservation accessible to all and look forward to seeing how you display your beautiful flowers.

We can also freeze dry flowers from your garden to create stunning confetti that is meaningful to you.

Check out our Pinterest Board for inspiration.

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When you choose Adamapple you are guaranteed to receive 100% biodegradable xonfetti that is guilt free, beautiful.

Our natural petal ranges are all bleach and dye free too, just like nature intended them to be.


Our team can guide you through the minefield of confetti ..... who would have thought there was so much choice!


Follow our regular social media live videos and order through our website, give us a call at our studio or pop us over an email. We would love to hear about your plans.


We can literally talk confetti until the cows come home and could even be on your guest list by the time the big day comes!

Join the #Hoorayrevolution


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