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The Confetti Bar

Biodegradable Confetti in single colours.

Just like in a trendy Gin Bar, when you shop from The Confetti Bar you can mix your perfect confetti cocktail by using a combination of colours, texture and natural scents that will wow your guests for an all round sensory experience. 

Confetti Bar Menu

Shot - 50ml

Double - 100ml

Beaker - 250ml

Highball - 500ml

Pitcher - 1 litre

    We know that offering choice is so important to you on your Wedding Day and we are so pleased to be able to offer you a Confetti experience unlike any other. 

    We offer the widest range of Biodegradable Confetti types and colours all under one roof in the UK today, we can even freeze dry specific flower petals for you - please get in touch for pricing.

    All of our petals are suitable for Throwing Confetti. If you are looking for Petal Confetti for the Isle, Table Decoration or a Petal Path we would recommend choosing a "Lyo" Petal.

    Our Paper Confetti is also 100% Biodegradable, gone are the days of horseshoes, the latest trend in Paper Confetti is big and bold circles, they certainly do offer BIG IMPACT. If a flurry is more your style then you should take a look at our Microfetti®.


    The best thing about buying from The Confetti Bar is that you can mix and match confetti types until your heart is content, we love that there are no rules!

    If The Confetti Bar® is all a bit overwhelming, have a read of our walkthrough guide.

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