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Confetti Packets

The Packets in this section DO NOT INCLUDE CONFETTI. If you also need Confetti, you will need to add 1 Litre ( Pitcher ) to your basket from our Confetti Bar or Mixed for you range for every 20 packets ordered before checking out.
Don't forget to add your confetti!

Confetti Packets are our most popular packaging option and we love how pretty and versitile they are. All our Confetti Bags and Packets are 100% biodegradable too which means you and your venue don't have to worry about single use plastics on your Wedding Day.

Leave a Confetti Packet on the seats of your guests, it will add to the excitement and anticipation of your day. If your Confetti moment isn't happenining immediately after your ceremony, our regular sized Confetti packets are the perfect size for a gentleman's jacket pocket and will fit with ease in a clutch bag so your guests will be ready when the big moment happens. 1 Litre of Confetti fills 20 of these packets.

Our Large Luxury Confetti Bags are large enough to hold 2 handfuls of Confetti if you wish, so you can leave them on alternate seats. They are also fantastic if you are a more is more kind of couple and want to create an epic Confetti shot. We love our Large packets with a single 50ml serving of Confetti inside, especially our "Order of the day" packets which are a firm favourite.

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