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When it comes to most things to do with a wedding – everyone has an opinion.  

Some people want to be showered with it, others don’t want it stuck in their hair, some believe it is only a female sport, others only children.


We believe... there should be lots & everyone should get to throw it!...

What do I need to know?

How do I get the Best Confetti Shot?

The Confetti shot is often the most cherished in the Wedding Album. It is great fun & breaks the ice after the formalities of the Wedding Ceremony.


Our Classic Petal Confetti has been designed with different fall rates in mind so you will see an amazing layered effect in your photographs. These petals are perfect for Autumn / Winter Weddings, the colours are striking and they are less likely to be blown away on a blustery day.

Our Slowfall® Petals are super floaty and really do offer big impact confetti shots because the petals stay in the air for ages - in confetti terms! - this gives your photographer those extra few seconds to capture this special moment. These petals are perfect for Spring & Summer Weddings.

Our Delphinium Petals are small ultra lightweight confetti petals, they are grown here in the UK, these adorable petals look like a flurry of beautifulness (if that's even a word!) in your confetti shot. These petals are perfect for Summer Weddings.

Our Ecofetti® & Snowfetti® is one of our favourite confetti's it truly does mimic snow in pictures and dissolves just the same in the rain, leaving the venue with zero clean up. It is ideal for destination weddings or for anyone who is looking for a Confetti which is Water Soluble and totally Animal Friendly.

Our Paper Confetti is hopelessly traditional and romantic. Our paper Hearts and Butterflies offer maximum impact in your confetti shot and is our most cost effective confetti meaning you can go all out without breaking the wedding budget.

Our Freeze Dried Petals are our premium petals, 100% natural & Biodegradable they look like they have been plucked from the stem, they are our premium petals and are generally much larger than naturally dried petals as they do not shrink during the drying process. These petals look amazing in combination with our Classic Rose or Delphinium petals, we use these in some of our Slowfall Mixes - take a peek.


Be sure to let your Photographer know in advance you have confetti .... photographers love a good action shot and we would be more than happy to share their images if they wish to get in touch.


My Venue only allows Biodegradable Confetti, is this suitable?

Yes, all our Real Petal Petal confetti is 100% Natural, Biodegradable and Earth Friendly.

We don't add any artificial colours or dyes to our petals, they are simply as nature intended them to be.


Our Ecofetti® & Snowfetti® are also derived from nature and is water soluble, safe to waterways and animals so it may even be accepted by venues who don’t normally allow confetti.

Our Paper confetti is 100% biodegradable and bleed resistant.

How much Confetti do I need?

We try to make buying Confetti as easy as possible for you. Confetti throwing is mostly a female sport, but being one for equal opportunities the men are more often getting in on the action! 

1 Litre of Confetti will fill 12 of our cones - which can be shared between 2 guests or 20 Individual packets. There is enough confetti for 15 handfuls if you decide to go down the no packaging route.


Please check out our packaging options, wherever possible we use Biodegradable, recyclable or reusable packaging options.

When should I buy my confetti?

We recommend ordering at least 1-2 months in advance, most couples order 3-12 months in advance and use our pre-order system, this guarantees the mix you love without running the risk of it being out of stock when you come to order.


To save you having to store your Petal Confetti and run the risk of it degrading, we are able to place your order on hold for you and place your petals for you in our climate controlled stores. Pre-Ordering is not needed with our Paper or Ecofetti® / Snowfetti® unless of course you are running out of storage space.

Just simply order your Confetti in the usual way and leave your wedding date in the box provided, we will then put your order on hold and send it out around 4 weeks before your wedding, another thing ticked off your list! - Keep an eye out for your dispatch email! 

If you need your order in a hurry, please do contact us prior to ordering by phoning 01253 312725.

Our dispatch time is usually 2-3 working days but may be longer during peak wedding season so please leave enough time to receive your order.

If I place my order today, when will it arrive?

We aim to have your Confetti on its way to you within 2-3 working days, sooner if we can.

Our Standard postage option is 2 working days but can take up to 5 working days to get to you at peak times so please leave enough time for your order to get to you and if you need to please choose a faster deliver option at checkout.

On average from placing your order to receiving your Hooray Mail is 1 week using our standard postage option.