Frequently asked questions

How do I create the best Confetti Mix?

When choosing your wedding confetti you can't really go wrong, it is all so pretty. We think the perfect mix of Confetti has a mixture of weights and sizes, this will help you get the best visual. If you decide on Biodegradable Paper, try mixing Microfetti with Circles. If you decide on Petals, try mixing Sun-Dried Petals with Lyo petals If Snowfetti is your choice it looks amazing with the addition of petals. You can create your own mix in The Confetti Bar or if Mixology isn't your thing or you are short on time, check out our Mixed for you range. For up to date hints and tips, visit our Blog where we give you a walk through including a video tutorial helping you choose your Perfect Wedding Confetti from Our Confetti Bar

My Venue only allows Biodegradable Confetti. Is this suitable?

Yes, all our Real Petal Petal confetti is 100% Natural, Biodegradable and Earth Friendly. We don't add any artificial colours or dyes to our confetti petals, they are simply as nature intended them to be. Our Snowfetti® is also derived from nature and is water soluble, safe to waterways and animals so it may even be accepted by venues who don’t normally allow confetti. Our Paper confetti is 100% biodegradable and bleed resistant.

How much Confetti do I need?

This is the question we are asked most and it is a really difficult question to answer. We have tried our best to answer this in our Blog How Much Confetti Do I Need and When do i Buy It?

How many Cones / Packets will 1 litre fill?

1 Litre will fill 20 packets - using 50mls per packet 10 packets - using 100mls per packet 12 Lidded Cones 10 Open Cones

When should I buy my Confetti?

You can order Paper confetti as far in advance as you need to, there is some seperating work to do if you are ordering confetti shapes so we would advise you to leave enough time for this. We don't advise you store any of our Petal Confetti for longer than 4-6 weeks. Although they do have longer shelf life, they require specialist storage and as they are a natural product, if they are stored incorrectly they can fade. The safest and easiest way to order in advance is to use our delayed delivery service.

What is the Delayed Delivery Service and how does it work?

To save you having to store your Petal Confetti and run the risk of it degrading, we are able to place your order on delay for you and store your petals for you in our climate controlled stores. Pre-Ordering is not needed with our Paper or Ecofetti® / Snowfetti® unless of course you are running out of storage space. Just simply order your Confetti in the usual way and leave your wedding date in the box provided, we will then create your order and place it into our cool store until around 4 weeks before your wedding or event, another thing ticked off your list! - Keep an eye out for your dispatch email! The great thing about ordering through the delayed delivery service is that even if your confetti is out of stock on the website you will still receive the confetti you have ordered as it has been set aside for you. We can store your confetti for upto 12 months free of charge, after this time we do need to make a small charge to cover the costs of storing your order. Please contact us for more details. We don't currently offer a delayed delivery service for our Dried Flower Range.

Is all your Confetti available all year round?

It is rare that our paper confetti is out of stock and if there are any stock issues they are generally resolved within 2-3 weeks. There is only 1 harvest of sun-dried petals per year, we recieve our harvest in October each year. These petals do run low on stock between Easter and Summer so if you are set on a certain mix and your wedding is in between these times we would strongly advise you to order in advance to avoid disappointment. The Lyo Petal range shouldn't be out of stock for longer than 2-3 weeks as we dry these petals in our studio with our state of the art freeze dryer but this does depend on seasonality and availablility.

If I place my order today when will it arrive?

Our dispatch times can vary depending on the time of year and how long it takes us to prepare your order. Keep an eye out for your dispatch email. We aim to send all orders out within 3-5 working days, delivery time is in addition to this. You have the option to choose between the options below. Standard Delivery - Royal Mail, Scanned on delivery. Our Royal Mail delivery service is a 2-5 working day delivery. Each parcel has a unique QR code which is scanned on delivery using a GPS device which means we can confirm delivery of your parcel. This is not a fully tracked service and you will not recieve text or email updates. Carbon Neutral - The Eco Choice. DPD, Fully tracked next day delivery service. This service provides you with text updates, you can even track the delivery of your order using an interactive map. If you wish to reschedule your delivery you can select an alternative delivery date, deliver to a nominated neighbour, have your parcel left in a specified safe place or collect the parcel from your local DPD Pickup Shop. Urgent orders - Please contact before ordering by phoning the studio mon-fri 9-3 if there is 1 week or less before your wedding. We will be able to advise you if we can take your order. There may be an additional charge to expidite your order during peak times.

How do I get the best confetti shot?

Your photographer is key to directing your guests so that you get the best possible confetti shot. Our advise would be :- Everybody in! - Have your guests stand closely all around you so your confetti is concentrated in one place. The further away your guests are to you the less concentrated your confetti will be in the final image. Practice your Confetti Face - Yes it is totally a thing! Don't be afraid of embracing your Confetti moment. It is your Hell Yeah! Let your personality show through and dont be afraid of the petals.

How do I look after my Natural Petal Confetti ?

Please keep them in a cool, dry and dark place. Ideally Petals and flowers need to be kept below 15 degrees celcius so ideally they need to be stored in the original packaging and box in the coolest, dryest room in your house until you are ready to use them. If you have chosen a DIY confetti option, we recommend leaving assembling your packets and lidded cones until the week leading up to your wedding. If you are using open cones or are going packaging free we advise you to leave your confetti selaed until the big day itself and giving the job of filing your cones or container to your wedding co-ordinator or a friend.

What does 1 litre of Confetti Look Like?

We measure our petals using a 1 litre measuring jug. You may have something simular in your kitchen cupboard. We package our Confetti in heat sealed sealed transparent biodegradable packets. We use 1 and 2 litre packets so if you have ordered 2 litres or more you may only recieve one packet. We label all of our packets with the quantity that is inside just so you know that you have recieved the correct quantity.

How Eco-Conscious is Adamapple?

Making the change to Eco-suststainability has been a journey for Adamapple and will continue to be as we are constantly looking for ways to be more responsible. We aren't perfect but in late 2018 we made the change from using plastic packaging over to Biodegradable. This means we have sent approx 36,000 less plastic bags in the environment in just the last 12 months. We made the change to printng your orders on Cool Earth Paper early in 2019 - ( find out more here ) we love that we are not only addressing the environmental challenge but also the economic and social viability of some of the poorest people on Earth by using this product. All our packaging is either, biodegradable or recyclable. Our Confetti packets are manufactured in the UK with 100% PEFC Certified Paper and are biodegradable and recyclable. Our Packaging boxes are FSC approved. The wood we use in our laser engraver is PEFC Certified. We try to source dried flowers here in the UK as much as is available, we also began to grow and dry some of our own dried flowers in 2020 so watch this space. All our Petals are 100% Natural. Our Sun-dried Petals are imported from small family run farming communities worldwide, our petals provide jobs for their local communities and help the most disadvantaged communities in the world stay in work giving them a means to support their families and stay out of poverty. All our Confetti is Biodegradable. As you can see we are certainly trying our best to be sustainable. Sustainability is always a huge consideration in everythng we do.

How do I Look after my Dried Flowers?

Dried Flowers are a canny investment as they will keep for YEARS with very little maintainence. They do age and become more delicate as the years go by but this only adds to their beauty and charm. To keep them looking their best for as long as possible, we recommend :- Keeping coloured flowers out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the colours in your flowers to fade over time so we would suggest a neutral or white flower near windows or in bright rooms. Spraying your Pampas with Hairspray to help reduce shed. Keeping your dried blooms dry - they do not like water. Being Gentle, Dried flowers can be surprisingly hardy but when considering where to place your flowers we would recommend finding them a home where they dont need to be moved on a daily basis. It just reduces the risk of breakages. Keeping out of reach from Pets. As with fresh flowers there are some blooms which will disagree with your animals. We would recommend doing some research or speaking to your VET before purchasing dried flowers to make sure they are suitable for your pet. If you are looking for Confetti storage tips, check out this blog.

When should I order Dried Flower Bouquets for my Wedding?

We don't currently offer a delayed delivery service for our dried flowers so we recommend ordering around 3-4 months in advance of your big day. Once they have arrived at your home, please check the arrangements then store in a dry place (in the delivery box they arrived in is usally a good place) away from direct heat or light. Please order at least 1 month prior to your Wedding as all our bouquets are hand made to order. After your wedding, your dried flowers should last for years. They can also be framed or set in resin as a keepsake. Dried Flowers in bunches can be purchased from The Dried Flower Bar, you can use these to create beautiful place settings and wedding favours. We hope to be creating lots of tutorials in our Facebook Group and Blog in the next few months.

There is nothing we LOVE more than chatting about Confetti and Celebrations. There is so much joy in every handful and we can't think of any event that wouldn’t be elevated to the next level with a sprinkle or two!


Our motto is without a doubt to spread kindness like Confetti! Biodegradable Confetti of course! We can't get enough of it especially when it comes packaged in biodegradable earth friendly packaging. YASSSS!!!!

Totally Guilt Free!

Once you have been drawn into the world of Wedding Confetti you may find yourself needing it for all your celebrations. You can’t help but smile when presented with pretty natural petals or when circles of paper are produced to scatter or throw. I mean petals make pretty table decoration for a birthday, in fact, why do we only throw confetti at Weddings?! Surely Birthdays should share the same HOORAY! especially the big ones and don’t get me started on anniversaries, baby announcements and gender reveals.


Here you will find the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, we have recently added more information about our Dried Flower Range here too.

We are in the studio Mon-Fri 9-3 so please feel free to pick up the phone and tell us about your plans, we would love to help you find your perfect Hooray whatever the occasion.

If you would like to know how to make Confetti Mixes that co-ordinate with your scheme, head over to our Blog where Confetti Mixologist Neeny shares hints and tips on how to get the best confetti shot and much more.