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Mixed For You - Bespoke Confetti Mixes

Here you will find Exclusive Biodegradable Wedding Confetti Mixes created with you in mind by our team of expert mixologists, including our Signature Slowfall and Snowfetti Ranges.

If you are struggling to decide how much how much confetti you need and when you should buy it, we have written a handy guide. You can also check out our Frequently asked Questions.

    When we create these mixes we look at trends, petal sizes and fall rates to create biodegradable confetti combinations that both look amazing and throw perfectly.


    These mixes can also be used as a base, add a shot or two of another colour flower petal from The Confetti Bar. This means you can create a mix that fits your Wedding Vibe without having to worry too much about quantities.


    Mixes in this section are sold by the litre, 1 litre of Biodegradable Confetti will fill around 20 Packets or 12 Lidded Cones. We advise you order enough packets for ¾ of your guests and enough cones for ½ of your guests.


    If you decide to go packaging free we would recommend ordering 50mls of confetti per guest, some of your guests may not throw, some may take large handfuls so we find using this calculation means you order the perfect amount.


    Included in this section is also mixes from our Biodegradable Tissue Paper Confetti Range. Our Paper Circle Confetti is perfect for that colourful big impact shot and our Microfetti looks like a flurry in confetti shots.

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