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Dried flowers using 'Flower Drying Crystals' by Adamapple - The reveal!

Hello everyone, have you joined our new Facebook group?

In the group last week we showed you how to prep your fresh flowers and how to set them in our Flower Drying Crystals. Here are the results of how the flowers have dried.

Our brand new Flower Drying Crystals are perfect for drying your fresh flowers - your Wedding bouquet, your Mother's Day Flowers or your 'just because' blooms.

Check out our YouTube video below to see how the fresh flowers dried in just 1 week.

Avalanche Rose


Blue Hydrangea

Ruskus and Rose Greenery

We have created the perfect blend of Silica Gel Crystals so you are able to preserve your own Wedding flowers at home.

If you are a DIY lover and will miss the 'Wedmin' after your Wedding Day, this could be the perfect project for you.

Our Flower Drying Crystals are re-usable and non-toxic, simply place your flowers into the crystals and leave for 7-28 days depending on the size of flower you are drying. Once dried your flowers are ready to be framed or encapsulated in resin.

Choose from 500g or 1KG. Once you have dried your flowers simply place your crystals in the oven to regenerate them for your next project.

Join our Facebook Group to join in the Flower Preservation fun and let us show you how to get perfect results.

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