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  • Lyo Flower Preservation Medium Box


    All our preserved flowers undergo specialist freeze drying process. You are purchasing the service of freeze drying the contents of a medium box. Our medium boxes can hold 8-12 roses (depending on size) and a selection of greenery.


    The freeze drying process begins when your flowers arrive with us.


    Ideally we need to receive your flowers within a few days of your event, remember your flowers are in full bloom for your event so the sooner we receive them, the better the end result will be.

    Before you book your flower preservation we will be able to chat to you about your flowers, some flowers will freeze dry better than others.

    When you book your flower preservation, we will send you a box to fill with your flowers and full instructions detailing how to prepare your flowers for transportation. We also include a flower hydration satchet for you to use to re-hydrate your flowers before sending them to us. 


    After your wedding (usually the next working day) you will take your box to a local pick-up shop. They will arrive with us the next day.


    When your flowers arrive with us we will check their condition and prepare them for the freeze drying process. 

    Over the net 2-3 weeks the moisture will be removed from your flowers without destroying the cells themselves. It is possible that there are slight colour changes in your flowers and greenery during this process, we do not artificially alter the colour of your flowers and all flowers will react differently to the process. Once dried your flowers will be returned to you in sealed packaging. You may wish to take your preserved flowers to a local picture framing company or if you are a missing the wedmin, you could create a beautiful display for your home. We have created a Pinterest Board for your inspiration.


    Freeze dried flowers will last for many years to come, as this process is only around 20 years old it is too soon to be able to say they will last forever.

    Environmental factors will affect how long your flowers will last overall, if you arrange for your flowers to be sealed in a case away from heat, moisture and sunlight you will see best results.


    ​Please email or call for availability prior to adding this service to your basket.


    • Refunds

      We are so happy to be able to offer this service for you and hope your flowers bring you years of happy memories.

      All flowers will react differently to the freeze drying process, whilst we will do our best to advise you which flowers from your bouquet will get the best results Adamapple accepts no responsibility for flowers that do not meet your expectations once dried.

      The service you are purchasing is to freeze dry your chosen flowers, we do not offer an airbrushing or encapsulating service.

      Adamapple make no claims as to the duration your flowers will last following this service. Please see above for storage reccomendations.