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Pumpkin Hunt | Halloween | Halloween crafts
  • Pumpkin Hunt Halloween Pumpkins



    With Halloween drawing near children are asking what will it be like this year ..

    Many towns in the UK are arranging A Pumpkin Hunt just like we did with the rainbows
    Paint, draw get crafty & get a pumpkin in your windows, let the kids spend the night that they would go trick or treating looking for pumpkins & for each window they spot one in give your child a treat in their bags let not let Covid ruin a childhood memory ...
    These gorgeous pumpkins are perfect for decorating for your Pumpkin Hunt this year
    The Large Pumpkin Measures 346 x 282 mm
    The Medium Pumpkin Measures 192 x 236 mm
    The perfect size to hang in your Halloween Window this year.
    Cut using Eco-Sustainable Wood

    Pumpkin Hunt | Halloween | Halloween crafts

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