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Red Rose Petals | Rose Petals | Biodegradable Confetti
  • Red Preserved Rose Petals


    Our Elegant & Luxurious Preserved Red Rose Petals have been preserved to retain their colour and softness. 


    When roses are preserved, the process stabilises the flower and keeps it in that perfect state for many years to come.


    Preserved Rose Petals are the largest petal we stock and because of this, they are only able to be purchased in pitchers (litres)


    These petals can be used as table decoration, petal isles & paths and to add luxurious touches to your bath or bed. This is the most suitable petal for Flower Girl baskets when they are throwing petals down the isle.


    The wonderful thing about these petals is that they can be re-used if they are used gently, kept cool, dry and dark when storing which makes them such incredible value.


    Red Rose Petals | Rose Petals | Biodegradable Confetti