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Confetti Mixing at The Confetti Bar - Blue & Green Aesthetic

We are back with a gorgeous colour combination this week that just shows that Biodegradable Confetti Petals are such a vibe and a must have on your wedding day.

All of our natural petal confetti is 100% dye free and biodegradable. We do not add any dyes or artificial colours to our confetti making which is perfect for our eco-conscious couples.

This week you asked for Blue, Green, Ivory & Grey Confetti. Our Confetti Mixologist Neen created the most perfect mix of Blue Lyo Hydrangea, Air Dried Blue Delphiniums, Air Dried Grey Delphinium, White Lyo Carnations & Greenery Lyo Baby Eucalyptus Leaf Confetti which is always a huge hit due to the natural fragrance.

Need to know How much confetti you need and when to buy it? Check out our blog which explains all you need to know about our Biodegradable Confetti.

Our FAQ's should answer most of your questions but if you need our help please email us on

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