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Confetti Mixing at The Confetti Bar - Pink & Gold Aesthetic

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

We love nothing better that creating Confetti Mixes in The Confetti Bar®

We know it isn't always easy to visualize your color combinations when shopping in our Confetti Bar and a trip "up north" to visit us in sunny Blackpool isn't a reality for everyone so we have been creating some little videos to help you.

This week we have been asked to combine Pink & Gold.

Now whilst Gold isn't a colour created by mother nature and being that all of our petal confetti is 100% dye free, we decided to add a little of our Gold biodegradable Confetti circles to the mix for that pop of sparkle and glam to your confetti shot. These mixed with our freeze dried Pink Lyo Carnations and Air Dried Pink Roses, we think, makes for a stunning combination.

Need to know How much confetti you need and when to buy it? Check out our blog which explains all you need to know about our Biodegradable Confetti.

Our FAQ's should answer most of your questions but if you need our help please email us on

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