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How To: Assemble your Confetti Cones from Adamapple #TopTipTuesday

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Here's your quick and easy guide showing you how to assemble your Confetti Cones from Adamapple.

Watch the video, or follow the written steps below to see how quick and easy it is to assemble your DIY Confetti Cones ready for your big day.

Our Confetti Cones are made using Eco-Sustainable Card. They measure 13cm tall, the lid is 5cm x 5cm and they hold around 80mls volume of confetti - enough to serve two guests.

(To find out how much confetti you need for your wedding, check out our handy guide - How Much Wedding Confetti Do I Need And When Should I Buy It?)

Your cones will arrive flat. Simply fold along the score lines and click into place.

Fold the score lines inward, along with the flaps and the tiny tag on the longest side of the cone. Fold your cone into shape and push the small tabs into the pre-cut holes. Secure with the last tag by clicking it into the last hole.

These beautiful cones have a fold over lid which will help keep your confetti or favours secure during transit and means instead of finding a basket to display them in, you can pop them on the seats of your guests ensuring they are armed ready for the big confetti moment!

These confetti cones are perfect for your Covid secure wedding. If you are packaging your confetti cones yourself, make sure to wash and sanitise your hands or wear gloves before handling the confetti. Simply pop your petals into the cone and secure the lid. Your guests do not need to handle any confetti and can simply throw the petals using the confetti cone itself.

Available in 5 different designs, there is the perfect cone for every Wedding Day theme.

Music | Love Letter | White | Manilla | Maps

Our newest DIY Confetti Cone Package is now available on our website. You will receive 30 confetti cones, your chosen confetti mix and personalised stickers.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Wedding Day! We can't wait to see your confetti shots.

Team Adamapple


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