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The easy way to make your Snowfetti even more spectacular!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Are you planning a winter wedding? Our trademarked Snowfetti is a perfect option for your festive wedding confetti. Snowfetti is the most magical confetti and it falls so slowly and gently just like the real thing.

snowfetti | snow confetti | winter wedding

It is a natural, non-toxic, non-staining, biodegradable and water soluble confetti. Adamapple Confetti were the first to bring this style of confetti to the UK and it has been a huge hit since, don't accept any imitations.

To make your Snowfetti even more magical, why not use The Confetti Bar to choose some natural petal confetti to mix in?

Today, we're showing you three different Snowfetti mixes using just one or two of our dried flower petal varieties as a pop of colour.

For a fresh, frosty blue vibe we added blue Delphinium petals and baby blue Hydrangea. Just a small amount of petals make such a difference to the Snowfetti.

Snow confetti | confetti | biodegradable confetti

You can pick and choose colours from your Wedding theme to create your own bespoke mix. A perfect festive mix is super easy to create. Here we added red Lyo Carnation petals for a really Christmassy confetti. The contrast between the deep red of the Carnation and the pure white snow confetti will really look great against any backdrop for your confetti shot.

biodegradable confetti | white confetti | Christmas confetti

Our final mix for today is this stunning, natural and simple confetti. The Eucalyptus smells incredible and the soft greens against the Snowfetti and Off White Hydrangea creates a luxury confetti mix that your guests will be wowed by.

confetti | snow confetti | Winter wedding confetti

Which is your favourite mix? Let us know in the comments.

If you've not used The Confetti Bar before, it's super simple. Check out our handy blog 'How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Confetti From Our Online Confetti Bar' to get some hints and tips on how to make the best of your shopping experience.

Top tip: Many "no confetti" venues may accept Snowfetti because it is water-soluble so it is always worth enquiring. We are happy to send samples to venues.

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