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How to make your Wedding Confetti Covid Secure

Updated: May 8, 2021

We are so excited to see the return of all your amazing, Happy Hooray's in 2021.

Boy we have missed seeing all those smiling Confetti Moments!

Seeing your images make all our hard work worthwhile, I mean confetti is pretty to look at, but it is the throwing that makes the moment.

Biodegradable Confetti | Confetti | Wedding Confetti
Phoebe Jane Photography

The most frequently asked question we are seeing at the moment is, "How do I make my Confetti Moment Covid Safe" so we have been in touch with our local MP who in turn spoke with Public Health England to gain some clarity on how you can still have your Big Hooray whilst being conscious about Covid Safety.

Natural Confetti & Paper Confetti are both able to be distributed in a Covid Safe way.

The safest way to distribute your confetti is to use packaging which does not involve your guests having to pour into their hands to be able to throw.

Confetti Cones & Flingers are perfect for this. This is where our lidded Confetti Cones and Flingers come into their own as they can be filled ahead of time, then, when the moment comes, you simply remove this lid and ..... HOORAY!

Confetti Cones | Biodegradable Confetti | Wedding Confetti

If you are looking for a BIG Bang for your Confetti Moment, our Confetti Cannons might be just what you are looking for. Confetti Cannons certainly add excitement to any Hooray and can be used with Confetti Cones or Confetti Flingers for the Ultimate Confetti Moment. Our Cannons can be filled with any of our Biodegradable Confetti mixes in our Mixed for you range or Combinations of Confetti from The Confetti Bar.

Confetti Cannons | Wedding Confetti | Biodegradable Confetti

For more hints and tips about How Much Confetti you need or how to create the perfect Confetti mix, check out our blog.

Stay Safe & Happy Wedding Planning!

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