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Mixing At The Confetti Bar - Pink Rose & Ruscus Leaf Confetti

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hi everyone!

It's mixing time again. Today we're visiting the Confetti Bar to mix our Sun Dried Pink Rose petals with Ruscus Leaf Confetti.

Our last Confetti Bar blogpost:

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Confetti From Our Confetti Bar

is a great place to start if you haven't heard of The Confetti Bar before. The blog post gives you an overview of how the Confetti Bar at Adamapple works and how you can mix your very own bespoke Wedding Confetti ready for your big day.


Now you've had a quick read of that blog post, let's get mixing. I'm going to show you how mixing just two different elements together in varying quantities can give you a confetti that looks surprisingly different each time.

Today we're going to be using Sun Dried Pink Rose petals and Freeze Dried Green Ruscus Leaves.

Confetti Bar Menu

Shot - 50ml

Double - 100ml

Beaker - 250ml

Highball - 500ml

Pitcher - 1 litre

From the Confetti Bar Menu, I've started off by choosing a Pitcher (1 Litre) of Sun Dried Pink Rose and a Double (100ml) of Freeze Dried Green Ruscus Leaves.

Now let's mix!!

Our 'base' petal colour here is the Pink Rose. By choosing 1 litre of the pink and mixing just a small amount of the Ruscus Leaf Confetti, we create a lovely vibrant pink mix with splashes of green throughout.

Top tip: If you choose one of our cheaper petals as your base colour, you can then add a smaller amount of a more expensive petal to your mix to add a hint of your complimentary colour without spending too much money!

I love the vibrant green colour of the Ruscus Leaf so I'm going to now mix a little less of the pink and a little more of the greenery.

Here I chose the following from the Confetti Bar menu.

1 Highball (500ml) Sun Dried Pink Rose

1 Beaker (250ml) Sun Dried Pink Rose

1 Beaker (250ml) Freeze Dried Green Ruscus Leaves

This gives us 750ml of Pink Rose and a 250ml of Greenery to mix together - 1 litre in total which will serve up to 20 guests.

(Have you seen our helpful blog post: How Much Confetti Do I Need and When Should I Buy It - There's loads of handy hints and tips on how much confetti you should be buying for your guests.)

Can you see the difference between the first two mixes?

The Greenery is a real showstopper in this mix. Due to the size of the Ruscus leaves, even just adding a quarter of a litre really saturates the confetti with the gorgeous, deep green colour.

Alright, now I'm going to go all-out and put together a 50:50 mix of the pink and green.

I'm using the following recipe:

1 Highball (500ml) Sun Dried Pink Rose

1 Highball (500ml) Freeze Dried Green Ruscus Leaves

Wow, what do you think?

I loooove this. The 50:50 mix really changes how the confetti looks compared to the first mix we created. Now, instead of the pink being the base colour, it totally looks like a green mix with a hint of pink. Again, even though we have 500ml of each, because the greenery is so large compared to the pink petals it really takes over as the leading colour within the confetti.

Here's a little overview of the three mixes we created - and look how different they all look with just the same two elements!


1 Pitcher (1 Litre) Sun Dried Pink Rose

1 Double (100ml) of Freeze Dried Green Ruscus Leaves.


1 Highball (500ml) Sun Dried Pink Rose

1 Beaker (250ml) Sun Dried Pink Rose

1 Beaker (250ml) Freeze Dried Green Ruscus Leaves


1 Highball (500ml) Sun Dried Pink Rose

1 Highball (500ml) Freeze Dried Green Ruscus Leaves

Which one is your favourite? How will you mix yours? We can't wait to see what you create!

Take care, petal mixers!



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